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Third Act is your marketplace
dedicated to theatre NFTs.

We believe in a future where theatre is enhanced by tech,
not eaten up by it. Third Act exists to integrate the
technologies of the future, with this historic art form.

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Producing Experience

Our founding team has contributed to
Broadway and West End for decades.


Third Act partners with Hedera
Hashgraph to ensure secure and decentralized transactions.

Your Ticket to Blockchain

Third Act simplifies the Blockchain process,
allowing productions to create the next generation of fan merchandise.

NFT Collectibles

NFTs are made to be collected and we specialize in building officially licensed NFTs that fans will love and want to add to their collection of theatre souvenirs.

Automatic Royalties

Third Act is structured to build recurring revenue for the entire theatre industry, we do this through recurring royalties for shows that premiere with the platform. We enforce an automatic 80-10-10 split of funds from every sale. 80% to the owner, 10% to the production, and 10% to the platform. We also provide custom contract clauses to account for this burgeoning industry.


We deploy assets on the blockchain quickly and securely and offer analysis of how your collectibles are interacting with the market. We boil down the complexity of this industry for productions and fans alike.

Premiere with us